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Join our 2024 Macrobiotic Courses
Dates for our Courses in English are now available

Upcoming Macrobiotic Courses

Online Macrobiotic Course in English through zoom
 2024 Dates:
 - Beginner(LEVEL1)  COURSE|September.21 - November.23

 - Intermediate(LEVEL2) COURSE|November.30 - Feb.22 in 2025
 - Beginner(LEVEL1)  COURSE|March.9 - May.11 [On going]

 For more details, please click here.

Offline/Presential Intensive Macrobiotic Courses in English in Nara city, Japan
 2024 Dates:
 - Beginner(LEVEL1) COURSE|June.10 - 20
 - Intermediate(LEVEL2) COURSE|June.24 - July.4
 - Advanced
(LEVEL3) COURSE|July.8 - 18

 For more details, please click here.

Malaysia Advanced Level3 Course to be held in Penang, Malaysia

 2024 Dates: 
 - Part 1 (Lesson 1 -5)   |July.27 - 31
 - Part 2 (Lesson 6 -10)|Aug.2 - 6

 You can check "Course Description, Dates, Daily Schedule(JST) and Tuition Fees".

 For more details, please click here.

【Full seats】Malaysia Adbanced Level3 Course to be held in Nara, Japan

 We have reached full seats. We are still accepting applications as a waiting list. 

 Thank you for your booking. 

 2024 Dates:
 - Part 1 (Lesson 1 -5)   |May.26 - 30
 - Part 2 (Lesson 6 -10)|June.3 - 7

 You can check "Course Description, Dates, Daily Schedule(JST) and Tuition Fees".

 For more details, please click here.



We introduce recipes for you to try during the hot summer months.  In the summer issue of "Ukatama," an interview with a Japanese magazine, titled "Macrobiotic Summer Gourmet,"
(Now On sale in Japan: published June 5, 2024)



Join us for a life-changing educational experience!

Find out about our 2024 COURSES including dates, time, tuition fees, online and offline formats, registration requirements and other details


Macrobiotics is a natural balanced way of life including diet and lifestyle combining Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge to achieve personal health and planetary wellbeing.


This Program is a comprehensive educational program comprising the essence of Macrobiotics including basic principles, practices, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, cooking and other and useful aspects of the way of life. Read more 

Our Class1

The course welcomes anyone interested in implementing dietary, cooking and lifestyle changes in a healthier more balanced direction. It delivers practical-knowledge on the macrobiotic approach to wellness.   Read more

Our Class2

This course contains elements of evidence-based benefits of a whole food plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic disease along with holistic oriental energetic notions of balance by the use of foods, cooking and simple practices to foster personal and family health. Read more

Our Class3

This inclusive course takes an extensive look at the macrobiotic path for developing personal health, environmental sustainability and planetary wellbeing. It comprises advanced macrobiotic studies for gaining proficiency and for those thinking to include macrobiotics as part of their lifework. Read more


Rice field (Image by Winston Chen)

Global Macrobiotics is an initiative carried out by an international network of individuals, schools and organizations to share the benefits of macrobiotics and its lifestyle with people around the world. Our main purpose is to cultivate personal health and planetary wellbeing through education and promoting natural sustainable lifestyles. Read more



Global Macrobiotics School (GMS) is an organization dedicated to develop educational programs, impart courses, offer distance and online learning, organize workshops and events, engage in projects, and disseminate information through publishing, online-based platforms and social media. Read more


・ Class announcements are delivered once a month.

・ Fill out the form and send it to us.


Thank you!


40 Nishi-Sasahoko-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

630-8291 Japan



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