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The goal of the INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL 2 COURSE is to benefit from holistic views and adopt a proactive approach to wellness devised to prevent disease, make improvements on your health and for helping you nurture the wellbeing of the whole family. You will also learn a complete self-care method centered on implementing dietary and lifestyle changes to attain better physical, emotional and mental health.


Macrobiotics helped improve myself and it made a big difference knowing what the health problem is and how to change it.

Jia Le, Malaysia


This comprehensive course contains elements of evidence-based preventive and lifestyle medicine that promotes a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle as a way to prevent and treat chronic conditions. It also integrates holistic oriental notions for regaining balance and restoring energy flow through the use of foods, cooking and simple lifestyle practices to facilitate healing and foster health. This unique macrobiotic approach to health and wellbeing deals with the root cause of disease to prevent and help relieve many chronic conditions and physical, emotional and mental disorders naturally. The course also comprises practical information for enabling to take better care of the whole family. Main features of the course include:

Macrobiotic DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Approach to Health

  • Uncover the dietary, lifestyle and environmental root causes of common diseases

  • Prevent chronic disease by implementing food and lifestyle changes

  • Get to know your body better and acquire useful tools for taking good care of it

  • Learn how to adjust the macrobiotic plant-based diet to facilitate healing and foster health

  • Discover the medicinal uses of common foods

  • Become skilled at cooking for regaining balance, restoring energy flow and for healing purposes

Macrobiotic Holistic Oriental Path to Health

  • Find out how balancing Yin Yang leads to better health

  • Get to know about the five energy transformations (also known as the five elements theory) and its practical uses for developing the health of body, emotions and mind

  • Familiarize with oriental energetic (Ki/Qi) notions and how they relate with your health

  • See your health condition with oriental diagnosis

Family Wellbeing

  • Get tips for a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery and care for the mother after birth and during breastfeeding

  • Find out how to ween babies and children’s first food

  • Adjust your way of cooking for the whole family

  • Take care of your children’s health with simple dietary modifications and lifestyle practices


The macrobiotic approach presented in the course was practical, easy to implement and adapt to suit my needs which makes it realistic and sustainable for our times. After practicing what we learned my condition improved and I feel much better physically and mentally.

Mariko, Japan




  1. Macrobiotic Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations for Regaining Health

  2. Enhance Your Health Through Yin Yang Balance

  3. Introduction to the Five Energy Transformations (also known as the five elements theory)


  1. TREE ENERGY: Associated with the Liver and Gall Bladder

  • Organ Function, Health Conditions and Ways to Strengthen Through Food, Cooking and Lifestyle


  1. FIRE ENERGY: Associated with the Heart and Small Intestine

  • Organ Function, Health Conditions and Ways to Strengthen Through Food, Cooking and Lifestyle


  1. SOIL ENERGY: Associated with the Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach

  • Organ Function, Health Conditions and Ways to Strengthen Through Food, Cooking and Lifestyle


  1. METAL ENERGY: Associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine

  • Organ Function, Health Conditions and Ways to Strengthen Through Food, Cooking and Lifestyle


  1. WATER ENERGY: Associated with the Kidneys, Bladder and Reproductive Organs

  • Organ Function, Health Conditions and Ways to Strengthen Through Food, Cooking and Lifestyle


  1. Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy, Smooth Delivery and Care for the Mother

  2. Raising Healthy Children and Family Care


  1. Emotional Wellbeing

  2. Mental Health


  1. A Holistic Oriental Approach to Wellness Based on an Energetic View of Life and the Link Between Ki/Qi Flow, Chakras, and Meridians with Health

  2. Simple Meridian Diagnosis Based on the Five Stages of Energy Transformations


 Oriental Diagnosis

  • Visual Face and Body Diagnosis


The teachings provided me with a clear understanding about the importance of practicing a healthful, well-balanced way of eating. And showed me how this way of life is full of possibilities. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Elena, Spain


Cooking in the INTERMEDIATE-LEVELl 2 COURSE is less general and more focused on a purpose. It involves the application of food energetics in the kitchen and helping you become more proficient at creating Yin Yang balance in your cooking. We also take an in-depth look at the five energy transformations (also known as the five elements theory) and its practical applications in the kitchen for strengthening health and facilitating healing. Including gaining the ability to identify foods for medicinal purposes and the therapeutic use of cooking. Cooking for the whole family is another aim of the course and includes cooking for helping mothers maintain their health during pregnancy, recover after giving birth, weening and baby food, and for encouraging youngsters adopt healthy dietary habits. Some highlights follow:

  • Become skillful at using Yin Yang in your cooking to help restore balance and promote wellbeing

  • Discover new ways of using food as medicine and for healing

  • Learn how to use cooking to strengthen organs, improving conditions and boosting your health

  • Adapt your way of cooking during pregnancy and after giving birth

  • Get tips and ideas for introducing wholesome foods and providing healthy fare to your family


Using Yin Yang helped me select, prepare and cook food in a balanced way. As my food choices changed my physical and mental condition improved. And as my view of life and cooking broadened I was happy to share it with my family and friends.

Saeko, Japan


  • 20 study sessions that impart the theory

  • 124 pages textbook for self-study and complement the theory classes

  • 10 cooking sessions with full menus

  • Over 80 recipes to help you practice on your own

  • Personalized guidance and answers to your questions

  • Course imparted by experienced practitioners who will support you improving your health

  • Internationally recognized certificate of completion


The classes were very inspiring, informative and transmitted experience. All questions were answered while paying attention to every one’s needs. I heartily recommend this course to anyone interested in macrobiotics, food, cooking and healthy lifestyles.

Denitsa, Bulgaria


Our online course is devised to provide you with a flexible convenient educational experience from wherever you may be. The course is covered through live online sessions via Zoom on set dates and times (check dates and schedules below). It also allows following the course based on your time availability and the recordings will be provided upon request. The textbook and recipes will be emailed to you in Pdf files. The possibility for answering your questions is included in the study sessions. The certificate of completion will be sent to you.


Daily Schedule (times are in Japan Standard Time JST)

10:00-11-00 Morning Lecture Session 1

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:30 Morning Lecture Session 2

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-17:00 Afternoon Cooking Session (Including Q&A)


The lectures were very informative and comprehensive. The cooking enjoyable and hands-on. This was a unique experience that will send me home feeling enriched, humble, and grateful.

Maria, Philippines/Australia


Our offline course is held in the city of Nara near Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. Nara is a beautiful city with many temples, shrines and other cultural places and events that will make your stay with us rich and enjoyable. While the online courses provide flexibility and convenience, the offline course offers a richer and more engaging educational experience. You will receive direct guidance from the teacher and there will be more opportunities to receive personalized guidance and advice. You will also share quality time with other like-minded students who are embarking on their journey towards better health along with you.


You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the Japanese food culture including traditional foods and cooking which is world renowned for contributing to good health and longevity. Most of the cooking classes are imparted hands-on and you will have a chance to practice, implement new skills, taste, compare and develop your cooking.


Daily Schedule

11:00-14:00 Morning Cooking Session

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 Afternoon Study Session 1

16:30-17:00 Break

17:00-18-00 Afternoon Study Session 2

Optional Field-Trip and Activities

We are organizing an optional field-trip to visit, experience and learn about traditional Japanese food culture. Other optional activities include visiting a guided tour of a shoyu facility in Nara and shopping in Kyoto for knifes and other Japanese cooking utensils.

Where to Stay

Our course does not include accommodation. Our school facility is located close to the center of Nara and the two major train stations. Yuzan Guesthouse is close to our school and offer very reasonable fares. It has a shared kitchen space where you can cook for yourself and try local ingredients. You can contact HERE and make reservations on your own. Nara offers a wide variety of accommodation options that you are welcome to research and reserve on your own.

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