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Our faculty have been dedicated to the study and practice of macrobiotics and other sustainable, holistic practices for many years. They are all experienced teachers with different backgrounds and proficiencies who are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and practical knowledge. Together, we are all committed to help create a better world.

Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Patricio is the founder, director and principal teacher at Global Macrobiotics School(GMS) and Macrobiotic School Japan (MSJ).

He is an educator, chef, cooking instructor, and author. He was introduced to macrobiotics at the age of five by his mother, Luisa Baranda, in his native Spain. He is a student of Michio and Aveline Kushi and completed macrobiotic studies at the Kushi Institute in Boston and in Becket, Massachusetts in the United States. Patricio moved to Japan in the late 1990s, worked as a professional chef and participated in the development of a number of macrobiotic restaurants in Tokyo. He served as the Education Director and main teacher at the Kushi Institute of Japan and Kushi Macrobiotic Academy in Tokyo. Patricio has authored several cookbooks and collaborated developing recipes and writing articles for various cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers featuring the macrobiotic diet and healthy lifestyle. In 2010 he was awarded the Aveline Kushi Award by Michio Kushi for his work in the development of macrobiotics and contribution towards creating a healthy, more sustainable, and peaceful world.

Kenichi Uchiyama
Kenichi Uchiyama

Co-Director and instructor at Global Macrobiotics School(GMS) and Macrobiotic School Japan (MSJ). Kenichi graduated from Waseda university in 1995. He then went on to work for an international electrical company as an engineer and has worked abroad in China. He became attracted to the traditional way of life including Yin/Yang view of life that was still alive as part of the daily life and culture in China in those days. This experience along with health troubles sparked an interest in macrobiotics. He noticed that his food and life style were far from natural or balanced. Kenichi is a graduate from Level 3 at the Kushi Institute of Japan where he had the chance to study with Michio Kushi and other senior teachers. He has been studying with Patricio and involved supporting his educational and operational activities for many years. He is an enthusiastic macrobiotic researcher and a teacher. Kenichi also likes to share his expertise in the field of electricity and conducts workshops on how to properly manage electricity and select electrical appliances. He combines macrobiotic and health perspectives to emphasize the importance of getting to know more about electricity and your living environment and its proper use or selection. Kenichi loves to be around nature and participates in natural agriculture  and “Satoyama-culture”, volunteering to create an ecologically sound, sustainable society.

Naoki Sakaguchi
Naoki Sakaguchi

Instructor at Global Macrobiotics School(GMS) and Macrobiotic School Japan (MSJ). Naoki grew up in Japan and then moved to the United States in 1983. While living in Boston, he worked as a professional sushi chef in one of the few Japanese restaurants at the time. He began his macrobiotic studies under Michio Kushi in 1984. Naoki continued macrobiotic studies at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts in the United States. He worked as a staff of the Kushi Institute in Becket for many years as a cook and in the food processing department where he was in charge of making seitan, tofu, koji, amasake, tempeh, natto, and other natural foods. He also imparted lectures and taught cooking classes at the Kushi Institute in Becket. Naoki has taught macrobiotics and conducted workshops in North America and Europe. Since returning to Japan in 2008, he has taught at various locations including the Kushi Institute of Japan, Lima Cooking School and around his hometown in Nagano. He is a regular teacher at Macrobiotic School Japan where he also conducts workshops and cooking classes.

Chiaki Nakajima

Yoga instructor, macrobiotic teacher, columnist​

After graduating from high school, she lived in Oregon and New York for a total of seven years. She initially studied dance abroad with dreams of becoming a musical dancer, but suffering from atopic dermatitis since childhood, she became exhausted both mentally and physically and gave up. I want to be stronger! I want to change my attitude! At the age of 22, she decided to get herself healthy at first. She gave up her dance major to study French cuisine, American regional cuisine, nutrition, and restaurant business at university. After graduation, she worked at a restaurant in New York City for a year, and on her days off, she took dance lessons and went to the theater to see musicals. After returning to Japan, she was searching for a way to learn healthy cooking when she met Patricio and started learning macrobiotics. While living in Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, she felt a change in her body and mind, her skin became glowing, and her thinking changed to a more positive outlook. After that, she went through many twists and turns, but through her daily life, vegetable-centered diet, and yoga practice, she regained her health and zest for life, which she continues to enjoy to this day. She married her gardener husband at the age of 37, had a baby at 41, and raised her children while growing food in a naturally cultivated field and is committed to a healthy lifestyle of "fun and homemade!


Doreen Lai

Doreen stumbled upon Macrobiotics by chance in 2015. When the term were still unfamiliar with most people. She chose to had a journey to japan to explore and met her mentor, Patricio. Though her own experience and study, she discovered the wisdom of this diet and health regimen, realizes its global presences for centuries, even already popular during CHINA’S TANG DYNASTY. Finally, she found out that food is the root cause of all life challenges that she faced,  and yet, she embraced the destiny and willingly the Destiny and willingly committed to spread this awareness to all.

  • 2020 - 2022: Created Macrobiotic Monthly Online & Offline Workshops and Community Events, which officially collaborate with Tr. Patricio to broadly promote Macrobiotic principles, covering areas like Child’s Health Challenges, Pregnancy care, Natural Sweets, Hypoglycemia, Cancer, Raising a healthy family, Life Camps, and Public Talks.

  • 2022: Successfully launched the official 1st batch of Level 1 course in Malaysia.

  • 2023: Established MSM (Macrobiotic Studio Malaysia).


I am Youle, the founder of Macrobiotic School in Hangzhou, China. My mom is a vegetarian for many years, due to the fate in 2013, I accompanied my mom to eat plant-based drinks for two months at home, because it made my body clean and light, and I couldn't eat meat outside any more, so I naturally chose to live a plant-based life from then on. After so many years of living with plant-based diet, my body and inner being have changed a lot, and my mind and body have become sharper and calmer than before. 2017, I started to learn about Macrobiotic, and I learned to look at the macroscopic world of nature from a holistic viewpoint and the principle of yin and yang changes in food, and I found that from cooking food, I can understand the connection between the small universe of our body and the big universe of nature. I have also been a yoga enthusiast since 2004. I have been practicing yoga since 2004. After years of practice, I deeply believe that only through a balance of body and mind can we have a truly happy life. That is why I have created this platform, SanYiJu Studio, to share the concept of a natural and balanced life, and to promote the use of plant-based balanced foods and beverages. We are constantly learning and sharing on the way of drinking, so that more people can understand the plant-based balanced lifestyle!

Sonoe Sukeyasu

Since childhood, she has had a weak skin and ear-nose system, and after entering the workforce, she became more and more natural-oriented, with symptoms of sores on her face caused by makeup products and itchy face caused by chemical foods. She is a qualified second-class architect and has been working in the field of architecture for more than 20 years as a hobbyist, but she realized that she needed macrobiotics in her life because of her past ailments. In 2015, 10 years after her first encounter with macrobiotics, she graduated from level 3 of KIJ(Kushi Institute of Japan), learning from Patricio in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2018, she started a macrobiotic class called “Sono Mamma's home classroom”. In 2023, she opened her own store, “Macrobiotic Sono Mamma's Kitchen”, where she sells macrobiotic side dishes by weight and bento box lunches and operates a macrobiotic class.

She hopes to spread "Macrobiotics" as a way to respect individuality and freedom, and to continue to live life in one's own way in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.


Yuki Inaba

In 1984, she began working as a food coordinator, creating dishes for photo shoots, coordinating tableware, creating recipes, and catering. She believes that it is important to convey the warmth of homemade cooking, and she strives to make the most of the deliciousness of the ingredients. Through her work, she has come to wish to be healthier and happier in body and mind. How can I do that? She learned that "you are what you eat". Food has the power to affect the mind and body." She became interested in macrobiotics when she came across the words, "The main issue of macrobiotics is how to use this power to become healthy, and how to live with that body."

 She began studying macrobiotics in 2004.

 In 2007, she completed KIJ Level 3 in Kobuchizawa, Japan.

 Since 2014, she has been teaching macrobiotic classes in her kitchen studio.



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