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The goal of the BEGINNER-LEVEL1 COURSE is to help you make informed choices and provide you with tools and experienced guidance for implementing dietary, cooking and lifestyle changes in a healthier more balanced direction.


Love the classes and that the general approach is open-minded and helpful for those transitioning into a macrobiotic lifestyle.

Joy Sinanian, France


The course is very informative and delivers practical-knowledge on three important areas regarding the macrobiotic approach to healthy living and wellness.

Eating and Living Well

  • Learn how to implement a well-planned macrobiotic plant-based diet

  • Select the best quality foods

  • Maintain nutritional balance in an easy way

  • Become skilled at cooking with a wide variety of natural wholesome foods

  • Create nourishing delicious meals

  • Find out how to reduce and replace animal food, refined sugars, sweets and ultra-processed foods

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle

Oriental Energetic Dietary, Cooking and Lifestyle Practices for Nurturing Balance

  • Uncover how Yin Yang principles can help guide your choices and boost wellbeing

  • Learn about food energetics

  • Maintain harmony with nature and environmental changes

  • Modify your way of cooking and eating to attend to your personal needs and goals

Prevent Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases and Manage Your Health with Diet and Lifestyle

  • Understand the root cause of common diseases and find out how to prevent them

  • Discover ways of taking better care of yourself

  • Improve gut health to strengthen overall health

  • Get practical tools for relieving common symptoms and conditions naturally


I loved this course. It was informative and a good foundation to improve my diet and take better care of my health. I have come to realize the importance of plant-based cooking and eating which I now want to prioritize in my life. Incorporating both Western and Eastern/Oriental thinking made learning about food and cooking so much deeper and enlightening.

Aunikah Bastian, U.S.A.




  1.  Introduction to the Macrobiotic Style Plant-Based Diet and Food Culture

  • The importance of Maintaining Good Food Proportions

  • How to Get Started Eating Well


  1. Choosing the Best Quality Foods


  1. Implementing Healthy Natural Lifestyle Practices


  1. Achieving Nutritional Balance through a Well-Planned Plant-Based Diet

  2. Sources of Nutrients in a Macrobiotic Style Plant-Based Diet


  1. Macrobiotic Approach to Oriental Energetic Views and Yin Yang Balance

  2. Food Energetics

  • Yin Yang in Food

  • Yin Yang in Cooking


  1. Adapting Your Way of Cooking and Eating to Meet Your Requirements

  • Seasonal Cooking and Dietary Adjustments

  • Geographical and Climatic Cooking and Dietary Adjustments

  • Attending to Personal Needs


  1. Root Causes of Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases

  • Modern Dietary, Lifestyle and Environmental Influences on Health

  • Macrobiotic Self-Care: A Proactive DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Approach to Health


  1. Gut Health is Key to Overall Health

  • The Importance of How We Eat

  • The Benefits of Adjusting Our Daily Way of Cooking and Eating


  1. Macrobiotic Approach for Relieving Common Symptoms and Conditions (Part 1)

  • Including Iron Deficiency Anemia, Headaches, Sensitivity to Cold, Common Colds and Skin Problems


  1. Macrobiotic Approach for Relieving Common Symptoms and Conditions (Part 2)

  • Including Women’s Problems and Allergies


The lectures were excellent. The information was relevant, helpful, and presented in a fun and engaging way tailored to the needs and interests of the students. The cooking classes were amazing!

Laurie, Canada


Cooking is a core practical aspect of the BEGINNER-LEVEL 1 COURSE that complements well with the theory. Our cooking classes are very informative and focus on helping you succeed eating well and experience by yourself the benefits of a macrobiotic style whole food plant-based diet. We want to share with you our many years of cooking experience, assist you improve your skills and discover new possibilities for cooking with wholesome natural foods. Our method emphasizes how to make your cooking healthier, more balanced and delicious. Following are some of the highlights:

  • Familiarize yourself cooking with a wide variety of wholesome natural foods including whole grains, vegetables from land and sea, beans, traditional soy products, seeds, nuts, fruits and many others

  • Include fermented foods and seasonings containing probiotics and beneficial digestive enzymes

  • Learn to cook soups, noodles, pasta, main dishes, side dishes, snacks, pickles, condiments, vegan sweets with unrefined sweeteners in traditional local ways and in innovative international ways

  • Acquire new useful kitchen skills for selecting foods, preparation, cutting, cooking methods, seasoning, bringing out the natural flavor of the food and for serving attractively

  • Find out how to make your food taste better, easier to digest, nutritive and more nourishing

  • Apply food energetics and Yin Yang balance in the kitchen

  • Become acquainted with the medicinal uses of food


Patricio was kind, extremely knowledgeable and experienced. It was amazing learning to cook food with him that is so healthy and delicious.

Wendy, Canada/China


  • 20 study sessions that impart the theory

  • 145 pages textbook for self-study and complement the theory classes

  • 10 cooking sessions with full menus

  • Over 70 recipes to help you practice on your own

  • Personalized guidance and answers to your questions

  • Course imparted by experienced practitioners who share their practical-knowledge and offer their support for helping you succeeding implementing healthy living practices

  • Internationally recognized certificate of completion


The theories were easy to understand and practice in everyday life. The dishes were very delicious, well-balanced and easy to prepare as well.

Siw Hua, Malaysia


Our online course is devised to provide you with a flexible convenient educational experience from wherever you may be. The course is covered through live online sessions via Zoom on set dates and times (check dates and schedules below). It also allows following the course based on your time availability and the recordings will be provided upon request. The textbook and recipes will be emailed to you in Pdf files. The possibility for answering your questions is included in the study sessions. The certificate of completion will be sent to you.


Daily Schedule (times are in Japan Standard Time JST)

10:00-11-00 Morning Lecture Session 1

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:30 Morning Lecture Session 2

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-17:00 Afternoon Cooking Session (Including Q&A)


I highly recommend the course. It’s a life changing experience and truly love every moment here.

Jenny Zhou, China


Our offline course is held in the city of Nara near Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. Nara is a beautiful city with many temples, shrines and other cultural places and events that will make your stay with us rich and enjoyable. While the online courses provide flexibility and convenience, the offline course offers a richer and more engaging educational experience. You will receive direct guidance from the teacher and there will be more opportunities to receive personalized guidance and advice. You will also share quality time with other like-minded students who are embarking on their journey towards better health along with you.


You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the Japanese food culture including traditional foods and cooking which is world renowned for contributing to good health and longevity. Most of the cooking classes are imparted hands-on and you will have a chance to practice, implement new skills, taste, compare and develop your cooking.


Daily Schedule

11:00-14:00 Morning Cooking Session

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 Afternoon Study Session 1

16:30-17:00 Break

17:00-18-00 Afternoon Study Session 2

Where to Stay

Our course does not include accommodation. Our school facility is located close to the center of Nara and the two major train stations. Yuzan Guesthouse is close to our school and offer very reasonable fares. It has a shared kitchen space where you can cook for yourself and try local ingredients. You can contact HERE and make reservations on your own. Nara offers a wide variety of accommodation options that you are welcome to research and reserve on your own.

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