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The goal of the ADVANCED-LEVEL3 COURSE is to provide you with additional tools for managing your health and wellbeing during these often-demanding transitioning times characterized by social and environmental changes. It elucidates the important role our dietary and lifestyle choices will play in addressing the environmental crisis and for developing a more sustainable and harmonious society. The course also aims at raising awareness and touches on the importance of self-development and finding purpose in life. Besides comprising advanced macrobiotic studies for those who wish to complete the program, the course is also intended to provide training for those who are thinking to include macrobiotics as part of their lifework. And to that end, those who successfully complete the course will receive a Global Macrobiotics Instructor certificate


Patricio does an excellent job at making every student understand easily the in-depth knowledge of ‘Macrobiotics’ which is so essential in our modern society. He presents the theory and imparts the cooking in a detailed, clear, and simple-to-understand elaboration with a hint of humor. Studying with Patricio goes well recommended.

Zac Xian, Malaysia


This inclusive course takes an extensive look at the macrobiotic path for developing personal health, environmental sustainability and planetary wellbeing. It covers in detail the root causes of today’s main chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes while providing you with tools for prevention and natural relief through dietary and lifestyle changes. You will receive practical advice on how to manage other areas of your health and protect yourself from potentially harmful aspects of modern living including increasing pollution, chemical exposure, endocrine disruptors, radiation from electric devises, infectious diseases as well as ultra-processed foods and other poor-quality artificial foods. Throughout the course we will uncover the underlying causes of the current environmental crisis and simple steps we can all take to address the problem including food choices, lifestyle practices and the need for changing attitudes. The course is also meant to help enlarge your view of life and share insights for leading a joyful meaningful life. Additionally, we would also like to inspire you to incorporate macrobiotics into your lifework and together contribute to a healthier, environmentally sustainable and harmonious world. Main features of the course include:

Macrobiotic DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Approach to Health

  • Uncover the dietary, lifestyle and environmental root causes of today’s main chronic diseases

  • Find out how you can prevent and help relieve cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and cancer by implementing food, cooking and lifestyle changes

  • Examine the scientific evidence revealing the positive health outcomes of practicing a macrobiotic-style plant-based diet

  • Enhance the health of your bones, joints, teeth, eyes and ears

  • Learn how to maintain hormone balance and ward off endocrine disruptors

  • Boost immunity to neutralize infections and help prevent communicable diseases

  • Get new tools for healing yourself and treating diseases in natural ways

Planetary Health

  • Find out how our food choices and habits contribute to CO2 emissions and climate change, pollute the environment, contribute to bio-diversity loss and influence life on the whole planet

  • Uncover how you can become part of the climate and environmental solution through attainable dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Learn ways of protecting yourself from pollution, toxins and chemical exposure

  • Get to know how farming in more natural and sustainable ways benefit personal health and can be an effective way to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation

  • Discover how we can create a sustainable and equitable world food culture that can feed us all

Living a Meaningful Joyful Life

  • Get insights about our origin and future prospects for humanity

  • Enlarge your view of life to uncover your potential

  • Find out new ways of living in harmony with nature that foster health and longevity

  • Get tips for aging well and gracefully

  • Become inspired to live a full life with a clear sense of purpose

  • Learn about the possibilities of macrobiotics for realizing a healthy, happy and peaceful world

  • Make macrobiotics a significant part of your life, work and dream


Patricio presents the macrobiotic theory clearly with detail, maintaining interest, relevance, and also including and supported by current, quality academic studies. He was flexible with participants questions and needs, and presented lessons with humor, patience, kindness and wisdom. Studying with him has been a joyous learning experience.

Cara, Australia




  1. Chronic Diseases: Root Causes, Prevention and Natural Holistic Ways to Relief

  • Cardiovascular Disease (Including Heart Disease and Stroke)

  • Diabetes

  • Macrobiotic Self-Care

  • Care of the Bones and Joints

  • Care of the Ears and Hearing Problems

  • Care of the Eyes and Vision Problems


  1. Chronic Diseases: Root Causes, Prevention and Natural Holistic Ways to Relief

  • Cancer


  1. Scientific Review on the Health Benefits of a Macrobiotic Plant-Based Diet

  • The Association Between Modern Diets and Chronic Diseases

  • Plant-Based Diets Lower the Risk of Chronic disease

  • The Health Benefits Associated with Plant-Based Whole Foods

  • The Health Benefits Associated with The Traditional Mediterranean and Asian Diets

  • The Health Benefits Associated with Traditional Japanese Foods and Diet


  1. Planetary Wellbeing Through Personal Health

  • The Impact of Our Food Choices on the Environment and in Society

  • Steps We Can All Take Towards a More Sustainable and Equitable Food Culture


  1. Today’s Environmental and Declining Food Quality Impacts on Health

  • Health Concerns Associated with Environmental Pollution and Ultra-Processed Foods

  • The Importance of Natural Sustainable Farming for Personal and Planetary Health

  • The Role of Hormones on Health

  • Preventing Hormonal Imbalances and Protecting Ourselves from Endocrine Disruptors

  • Infectious Diseases: Root Causes, Prevention and Natural Holistic Ways to Relief


  1. Biological Evolution: Insights from the Past and Prospects for the Future

  • The Role of Diet and Lifestyle for Aging Gracefully and Enhanced Happiness Throughout Our Life

  • Benefits of Eating in Harmony with Nature


  1. Macrobiotic Perspectives on Self-Development for a More Fulfilling Life


  1. Nine Star Ki/Qi Astrology

  • Environmental Energetic Influences on People and Society


  1. Possibilities of Macrobiotics for Realizing a Healthier, Sustainable and Harmonious World


  1. Finding Purpose in Life

  2. Incorporating Macrobiotics into Your Life, Work and Dream


Patricio has a natural flair for applying macrobiotics in the modern environment in such a logical, compassionate and relaxed way that gives us confidence as students to pursue and adapt it for the betterment of our health and humankind. Patricio is also sensitive to the different climatic conditions of each country, making the relevant adjustments to the different local food cultures. Such respect and wisdom is the true work of an authentic macrobiotic teacher and practitioner. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and guidance in my macrobiotic journey.

Ming Wah, Malaysia


Cooking in the ADVANCED-LEVEL3 COURSE is about gaining proficiency implementing macrobiotic principles in the kitchen and feeling more confident with your cooking. You will receive more tools for helping care for your own health and also help others improve a wide range of conditions including the new disorders covered in the course. In addition to getting to know about the medicinal uses of foods emphasis will be placed on helping you create healing dishes and remedies to treat particular health problems. This will require a better understanding and application of food energetics than the one covered in the Intermediate-Level 2 Course and the ability to be able to make Yin Yang adjustments in your cooking by yourself. You will also learn new natural applications and a variety of home remedies including plasters, compresses and other simple ways of facilitating healing and fostering health. Some cooking highlights in the course include the following:

  • Refine your cooking skills and become confident with your macrobiotic practice in the kitchen

  • Discover new ways of using cooking for facilitating healing of specific conditions

  • Become familiar with new simple remedies to help you regain health by yourself from home

  • Learn how to use food and cooking to help you offset some of the negative aspects of modern living

  • Adapt your way of cooking to accomplish your goals in life

  • Enjoy healthy cooking with wholesome plant-based foods and share it with others


The Global Macrobiotics Program introduced me to a beautiful lifestyle and a practical way to live a conscious life. I loved the way modern Western nutritional concepts were integrated along with oriental energetic views. Wonderful recipes and healthy peaceful food.

Ana Liu Tsz To, China/Taiwan


  • 24 study sessions that impart the theory

  • 218 pages textbook for self-study and complement the theory classes

  • 8 cooking sessions with full menus

  • Over 60 recipes to help you practice on your own

  • Personalized guidance and answers to your questions

  • Course imparted by experienced practitioners who will support and guide you all the way through

  • Internationally recognized Global Macrobiotics Instructor certificate of completion


After finishing all the three level courses I am very confident to play with foods and cooking. My practice shifted to a whole new level and I gained a much deeper understanding of macrobiotics. I definitely recommend the Global Macrobiotics Program to anyone wishing to shift towards a balanced healthy way of living.

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, Vietnam


The ADVANCED-LEVEL3 COURSE is only available offline in the city of Nara near Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. Nara is a beautiful city with many temples, shrines and other cultural places and events that will make your stay with us rich and enjoyable. While the online courses provide flexibility and convenience, the offline course offers a richer and more engaging educational experience. You will receive direct guidance from the teacher and there will be more opportunities to receive personalized guidance and advice. You will also share quality time with other like-minded students who are embarking on their journey towards better health along with you.

You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the Japanese food culture including traditional foods and cooking which is world renowned for contributing to good health and longevity. Most of the cooking classes are imparted hands-on and you will have a chance to practice, implement new skills, taste, compare and develop your cooking.


Daily Schedule

11:00-14:00 Morning Cooking /Study Session

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 Afternoon Study Session 1

16:30-17:00 Break

17:00-18-00 Afternoon Study Session 2

Optional Field-Trip and Activities

We are organizing an optional field-trip to visit, experience and learn about traditional Japanese food culture. Other optional activities include visiting a guided tour of a shoyu facility in Nara and shopping in Kyoto for knifes and other Japanese cooking utensils.

Where to Stay

Our course does not include accommodation. Our school facility is located close to the center of Nara and the two major train stations. Yuzan Guesthouse is close to our school and offer very reasonable fares. It has a shared kitchen space where you can cook for yourself and try local ingredients. You can contact HERE and make reservations on your own. Nara offers a wide variety of accommodation options that you are welcome to research and reserve on your own.

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