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Introduction of our Program

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The Global Macrobiotics Program is a comprehensive educational program comprising the essence of Macrobiotics including basic principles, practices, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, cooking and other and useful aspects of the way of life. This informative program was created by Patricio Garcia de Paredes based on more than 40 years of experience while living in diverse cultures including Europe, North America and Asia and almost 30 years promoting macrobiotics around the world. It contains the teachings and guidance passed down from his mother Luisa Baranda, macrobiotic teacher and cooking instructor and by his mentors Michio and Aveline Kushi, macrobiotic educators and promoters. It distills a lifelong journey dedicated to study, practice, teaching and sharing the macrobiotic way of life.


The goal of the Global Macrobiotics Program is to teach and guide individuals and families towards better health and happiness. The program imparts a holistic approach to living connecting the dots between farming, food, cooking, lifestyle choices and environmental influences on health to help prevent and address the root causes of today’s lifestyle and chronic diseases. In addition to modern knowledge the program includes oriental notions and practical applications adapted to modern living for maintaining balance and realizing harmony in daily life. The program is also devised to uncover sensible solutions to address today’s environmental and social problems in a natural sustainable way starting with our own involvement.


The Global Macrobiotics Program proceeds in three courses containing both theory organized to achieve its learning objectives and practice designed to achieve the desired outcome of the course. The Global Macrobiotics Program comprises of the BEGINNER-LEVEL 1 COURSE, the INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL 2 COURSE and the ADVANCED-LEVEL 3 COURSE. Each course contains a different syllabus and covers different studies. At the same time, the studies covered in each course becomes the foundation and is related with the following course as the program proceeds.


It is a prerequisite that in order to proceed to the INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL 2 COURSE the student needs to first have successfully completed the BEGINNER-LEVEL 1 COURSE. And in order to proceed to the ADVANCED/INSTRUCTOR-LEVEL 3 the student needs to first have successfully completed the INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL 2 COURSE.


The Global Macrobiotics Program is open to everyone and there are no especial requirements to enroll in our program.


The Global Macrobiotics Program is in constant development in order to make it easily accessible, relevant in a changing world and useful for those seeking to improve their lives through dietary and lifestyle means. Along with a growing network of macrobiotic teachers, promoters, schools and organizations we are making the program available in a variety of formats in different countries, translated into different languages and adapted to the local culture, food, climate and other important considerations to succeed implementing and maintaining healthy dietary and lifestyle changes in a sustainable way. More information about our Global Macrobiotics international network and local educational activities here.

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