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What students say about us
Dandelion field


“My interest in macrobiotics was gradual but I soon realized that I could not learn from books only. The Beginner course offered a practical and flexible approach to macrobiotics that was easy to implement into my current life and improve my situation. Using the basic macrobiotic idea of yin and yang you can experience how to select, handle and cook food in a balanced way by yourself. There were many variations of Japanese and international dishes and all of them were very delicious and made eating very enjoyable. As my cooking broadened I was happy to share it with my family and friends. In the lectures we learned more deeply about food nutrition, food energetics, modern lifestyles and their relationship with health. As my food choices changed throughout the Beginner course, I noticed that my physical and mental condition improved. My life rhythm also changed and broadened my view of life contributing to my happiness and of those around me.”

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